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Trump talked about tax reform in the USA yesterday. The new President of the United States, Donald Trump, made the Congress speech yesterday. Referring to national security and economy issues in his speech, Trump stated that the US economy will be strengthened again. It would not be wrong to describe speech as a repetition of election promises in general terms.When we look at the speech about tax reform, Trump said that : "In order to reach our goals both in our country and abroad, we have to start working on America's engine again. For this, we have to make the business of companies doing business in America easier and make it harder for those who want to go out. My economic team is working on a historic tax reform. At this point, we will reduce the tax burden on our companies and we will be in a position to compete with everyone everywhere. In the meantime, we will go to serious discounts on the tax burden of the middle class."

On the other hand, the global markets are pricing the growth figures of France which is the second biggest economy in Euro zone. In this period, the rate of increase in the Gross Domestic Product was realized in line with the market expectation with a quarterly rate of 0.4 %.When we look at the details of the report, we see that government spending, in addition to household consumption expenditures and investments, also positively supports growth.

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