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According to the many sources in the global economies, uncertainity continues among Fed members after the FOMC meeting. The fact that the members did not include clear statements in the statement following the FOMC meeting in February caused questions about the March interest rate increase. As a speculation of the latest meetings of Fed members, they have the same opinion about the interest increase in near future by Fed. Although this shows that the interest rate increase is on the table in March, the uncertainty about the Trump policies continues and it also disturbs the members.

This uncertainty, which is also included in the statements, is the main reason for the withdrawal in the Dollar Index. On the other hand, the March rate hikes continue to be priced at 22 %on term-end currencies, which we can say is a very low rate. Another data released yesterday was the ongoing residential sales figures for January. Today, we will be following the data of the US weekly unemployment benefits applicants with the final quarterly growth figures to be announced in Europe. After the positive outlook in the European side, we can say the EUR/USD parity started to give recovery signals at the last hours and reached above the 1.0560 level. After announcing the  final quarterly growth figures, the positive movement may continue strongly in the next days. 

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