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Bitcoin is one of the most important currencies of the world which is traded on the digital world. Especially in the Asian markets, it has become so widespread on the global markets and digital markets of the world. The trading volume of Bitcoin is increasing day by day. With the beginning of 2017, the Bitcoin parity started to break new records on the market and the demand started to come to the unbelievable levels on Asian markets. The fastest currency in 2017 was the bitcoin. As of today, BitCoin, which continued its rise in the last quarter of 2016 in the new year, has reached 1013 U.S. Dollars in different markets.

Bitcoin saw the  1000 level in the markets before in November 2013, but the conditions were quite different. Bitcoin's total market value, which increased by more than 100 percent in 2016, has surpassed a new record of 16 billion dollars. At the end of December, the total value of the bitcoins in circulation was 14 billion dollars. Some analysts who look at this rise in Bitcoin estimate that my digital currency will see 3000 U.S. Dollars in 2017.

In the US, after the Trump election victory, the panic air that started to sprout in the markets, along with other crypto bills, scored in the bitcoin, and the value of bitcoin came to 740 USD at about 710 USD on the first day after the election. A bigger effect on the rise of Bitcoin is China, where millions of bitcoins are exchanged each day. China's currency Yuan is expected to depreciate this year, led by Chinese investors bitcoin.

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