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European market have experienced a hard year on the financial markets. The biggest countries like Germany and France are playing an important role on EU economy. The latest developments like refugee crisis and fluctuations of production were the major problems of the Euro Zone economies. On the other hand, increasing the percentage of unemployment in Spain, Greece and some other EU countries caused a serious risk of decreasing new investments to the countries in the European region. The open – door policies of Germany about refugee crisis had caused division of opinion in European markets, so it means a political and environmental risk factor perception according to the traders who are making buying – selling transaction on the global forex market with European currencies.

The traditional political parties, faced with the success of populist parties in Europe and the outright victory of ultra-right party leader Geert Wilders in the Netherlands, are moving away from austerity policies and instead are beginning to support Keynesian politics set forth by President Roosevelt after the 1929 crisis. The EU could put in place a six-year, 6 billion Euro stimulus plan supported by EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, but EU leaders initially aimed at investing 1 trillion Euros in infrastructural investment in order to prevent share losses from the import increase, They may hear the export of their treasures.

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