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After gaining enough experience, the concept of technical analysis is going to play an important role on your trading processes. First of all, each trader should determine a trading strategy and short – medium – long term goals on the forex market. Because, the higher volatility will affect you and if you don’t prepare a plan, you will lose a lot of money. Technical analysis contains the trend analysis, risk factors, and future predictions about price movements, sectorial and global analysis of commodities, political – environmental analysis and economic analysis. This kind of information will affect your trading decisions, so they will determine your fundamental strategic analysis concept.

Technical analysis is a method of analysis that allows them to be made studying the market movements utilizing existing indicators from the past period of this review, as a result of future price prediction. Of course, only using technical analysis trading is risky, but large volume that it cannot be manipulated the importance of technical analysis in the markets is great.

Technical analysis is the reference of all the activities that occurred in the past by accepting that I will repeat in the future and predicts that will continue in a specific algorithmic scheme. Nowadays, the development of Information Technology technical analysis technical analysis is quite easier to make by some communities it is not scientific, and fortune telling is thought to consist of. Many economists, investors and professional analysts make use of technical analysis.

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