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As a general definition, the concept of moving average is the average of the closing values of specific dates. So, if you want to find 15-day data, it will be enough to divide last 15-day closing prices to the number of day, it is sufficient to collect the last 15. The method of calculation of the exponential moving average is a bit more complicated. The recent values are given more weight than their closing in this method.


Technical analysis of the methods used to understand the movement of the market for almost a century. During this long period, many analysts by hundreds, even thousands, of new methods of technical analysis have been developed. Technical indicators used in technical analysis to benefit from most of the methods come. Moving averages are among the most popular technical indicators. In this paper the nature of moving averages, moving averages, how it is used, how many different kinds there are, including topics such as we give.

Simple Moving Average: As mentioned above, definition is called a simple moving average of the calculated averages. So, all the prices are counted with equal weight method.

Weighted Moving Average: This calculations have been developed which give more importance to the price in the last period.

Exponential Moving Average: A further step the weighted average method, moving weighted average price data not available for all the period only adds into the calculation method.

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