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At the last years, global forex market has become the largest market of the world and reached more than 7 trillion USD daily trading volume globally. So, volatility of market has increased and managing the portfolios started to be harder than the past times. The brokers have developed the forex order to control their trading operations, because timing is so important on the forex market. Market orders are instant orders. The market orders are operating on the actual market prices, there will be no maturity. Orders are requested at the time of the transaction takes place.

Pending order is a kind futures order. Operations make with expectations of future price levels, breaking through the platform. Pending orders are activated as soon as fulfills market expectations and the system automatically performs the corresponding operation. There are 4 different pending orders :

  • Buy Stop : If you want to purchase a position on the market price, this option will be used by the traders.
  • Buy Limit : If you want to purchase a position under the market price, you can use buy limit to follow the decreased price level.
  • Sell Limit : If you have expectations about the price level will increase soon, but it will decrease in a short time, you may use sell limit orders.
  • Sell Stop : You can sell your position under the market price with this orders.

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