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Forex, the biggest market in the world, is the one of the most preferred investement tool with many advantages. There are a lot of advantages such as; Leverage ratio ,which enable to transact 100 times more than remainder, duplex operation for both purchase and selling, open markets 5/24. Transaction is not so difficult in the market which can be invested to currency pair more than 100 , goods, equity share, indexs. Knowing well basic terms and screen usage, which are necessary for opening transaction, make you succesfull.

Standing orders are the most important term which are used to open transaction. We will examine that what is standing order? And how to be used ?

Standing orders:

Standing order is to give orders of opening transaction at price level, which will be occured in the future or is determined manually, in advance, instead of appraising transaction from an instant price.

You can carry out Fx transactions five day 24 hours on weekdays.  You can benefit from opportunities all the time, you can see profit and loss amount in your account, and you can follow closely financial market thanks to it.

Can I open a transaction without being in fron of screen ? Is that possible to give order otomatically without reach platform ? Can I give futured-dated order to price level which I want ?

Our answers are yes to all questions. Now, if you want, we will mention how we can make these transactions on screen.

To open new order from instant price was mentioned in “ Usage of Meta Trader 4 “. If you want to remember , you can click here.

You need to click on spot which open new orders.

You need to click on spot which is seen as type. Market order will be opened, but you need to choose Standing Order which is under the Market Order, instead of Market Order.

Then you need to fill specified part.

TYPE : Type of Standing order which is wanted to be logged in.

PRICE: Price we want in order execution                                                           

VALIDITY:  Validity period of standing order

You can make active your standing order by clicking on button of enter data after filling all parts.

Types of Standing Order:

Buy limit : Having Purchase position in case market price is under the current price.

Sell limit: Having selling position in case market price is above the current price.

Buy stop: Having purchase position in case market price is above the current price.

Sell stop: Having selling position in case market price is under the current price

It is clear that some orders make purchase from prices which is above the current price, or sell from prices which is under the current price. So, you can ask that why we enter standing order instead of entering from the current price and gainig more profit ?

The reason of not to enter transaction from current market price is that investors try to transact for progression of price according to technical analysis. Because of that, investors who want to open transaction by using support and resistance, frequently prefer.

One of the biggest advantages of standing order is that orders can be transacted without being in front of screen all day. So both you can move on your daily life and you can benefit by transacting in market.

There are some important cases in usage of standing order. One of them is control of wheter competence of current margin level protect or not when standing orders ,more than one, are opened. The other one is being harder to follow in case of order execution. Because of that, you need to control wheter order excutes or not.

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