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One of the terms used in almost every process of the market participants is forex parities. For example, “AUD/USD is a currency pair” everyone with an interest in the forex market that will face a statement. As can be understood from this, there is a price per single currency. By moving this logic to the concept of the parity of the currencies of the two countries to each other resulting by dividing occurs. Parity; the two can be defined as investment that generates the value of the currency.

Rates are determined according to the rules of supply and demand parity. Foreign currency exchange rates in between the values of the market conducted on the basis of which refers to. Parity ratios may change the currency pair in question in the countries to which they belong, the amount realized in foreign currency in exports and imports, the foreign trade balance under the influence of economic developments.

At the last years, the developing conditions of forex market affected many different markets of the world. So, people are choosing forex market to make buying – selling transactions on different parities or commodities. There is a common purpose, of course, that is earning more. Everybody on the global forex market is trying to earn money. But, only 10% of them are gaining profit after the trading processes. We can say, learning the basics and dynamics of global forex market is playing an important role to get success on forex market.

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