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The concept of brent oil has become so widespread between the global forex traders. Today, the cosmetics industry, the industry very common to use energy from oil, which began to be traded in commodity markets in the 1970s. Crude and Brent oil traded as two different products.

Forex traders are the most preferred in the list of commodities, usually in the first place, during the day the brent oil short-term market movements which vary with the rise and sudden on the basis of high return investment tool.

The price of brent oil on the supply side, governments oil reserves quantities and inventory policies of the producer countries, are affected by factors such as the oil companies' investment policies. Among the factors that affect price, on the demand side, developments in the economy, the industry, include the requirements of the transport sector.

In the forex market, who process the crude and brent are investors who buy and sell among investors for purposes of hedge legion. Sudden price movements in the forex market to be able to process any restriction the property, the commission or transaction fees at any time without the advantage of being able to generate income by performing operations, trading, oil trade corporate companies who attract. However, the number of investors who made the transaction for purposes of trade is significantly higher. Finally, we can say if you have enough trading experience, you should start trading on brent oil market.

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