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If you want to analyze the commodities on the global forex market, lead is one of the most crucial commodities of the world at the last times. After 2011, the lead production was not enough for the world supply, so the prices increased strongly. We can say, lead was the brightest commodity of the 2011 year. In the middle of 2011, the price level had surpassed the 2700 level. After solving this supply problem, the parity started to decrease under the 2000 level. After that, we could observe a negative - horizontal trend on the lead market.

The reasons for the increase and the decrease in the prices of commodities that occur in the world of natural disasters, crises, global warming is caused by seasonal changes, drought, epidemic diseases, unemployment, which would affect the entire world events. To say means making the right investment to predict these events. A simultaneous market is the Forex market all over the world, because increasing the value increases the value of goods on the commodity exchange commodity in the market.

In 2015, the lead market had experienced a strong increase on world market, so the demand of lead increased seriously. The productions crises of lead market may be an opportunity for forex traders who are making buying – selling transactions on the global forex market.

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