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Recent environmental initiatives with reference to the use of natural gas, seen as the beginning of an era described as the gold age of this commodity. Of course, there are no certain proofs about price movements of natural gas market. With the increasing supply and demand recently, together with the increase, the balance point can be found where other factors have been investigated.

The determining factors in natural gas prices is less than it used to be, while today it is observed that there are a lot of subjects like different factors. Henry Hub spot prices are using while determining the price in America, gas prices indexed to oil and oil products, almost all on the continent of Europe. The biggest suppliers of European natural gas market, uses a formula indexed to oil prices. In Russia, both in the Netherlands and Norway are used in these formulas.

If you want to make an investment in natural gas in forex, first you'll need to know the market. Namely, the above-mentioned advantages, and you should have an idea about how to use what should paid attention be to. So you must learn forex first. In forex then you have to know how to act, after you can start buying – selling transactions on the natural gas market in different indexes in different continents like American or Europe globally.

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