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The forex trends are playing an important role while determining your trading decisions like price movements. Especially, on the global forex market, the trends are determined by continuous price movements, and it will affect many investors on the market. Identifying trends in the Forex market it is extremely important for the traders. All transactions are determined to follow a trend which may be positive or negative under trading day’s special conditions. Methods have been developed for this of technical and fundamental analysis. In this way, you can determine future price trends. Price movements of the instruments make it easy for you to do research on fundamental analysis. Technical analysis tools that can receive the investment at a later date by determining the highest and lowest price levels, at which point give signals about what you need to make your purchase. In this way, your processes according to your expectations by performing the desired returns you can achieve.

Preparing your psychology is one of the most important problems of forex market. Certainly you should not take hasty decisions in the market so that a high gain is obtained. You should consider all the decisions that you receive on. You must interpret the results of fundamental and technical analysis methods, especially together. You should never disregard the tips that you receive from someone else. You must put aside your feelings. You have to be realistic.

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