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Coal is one of the important commodities on the global forex market. Also, thousands of people are making buying – selling transactions on coal market. With no doubt, the prices of coal market is determined by different concepts of global developments. 2016 was a so positive year for the global coal market. The starting point was at 39.05 USD level at the beginning of 2016, and the closing point was at 58.30 USD level at the end of the year. With the beginning of 2017, the first expectations will be a bit negative for the coal market. Of course, the developments in the biggest coal producers are affecting the latest prices of coal market.

China, USA and Russia are the biggest producers of coal in the world today. Although some positive developments on coal market at the end of 2016, the first effect is a bit negative with the beginning of new year. The first signals of coal market in 2017 are pricing over the 55 USD level on the global forex market. The investment decisions will be so important for the future of coal market for the first weeks of 2017, and there could be some different risk factors observed in the biggest producers of coal globally.

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