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The general horizontal process has been continuing for a long time in the EUR/USD parity. The level of 1.0459 was the starting point of the parity at the beginning of this year. When we look at the February process, the parity reached to 1.0665 level on February 16th. When we look at the big perspective, we could observe a positive trend.

The more positive the signals, the more unstable the US Dollar continues to lay the groundwork for Trump's plans for fiscal expansion in the USA. While the divergence between the emerging currencies and the US dollar continues, the correlation at -0.3 before November has reached -0.50. With the announcement of the hawks coming from the FED members, the likelihood of interest hikes in March strengthened compared to the Fed futures contracts. The European Central Bank's meeting minutes are again the statement that there is no upward trend in core inflation. We see that the enlargement program is decided by majority vote, not by unanimous vote.

Finally, if we look at the predictions of March 2017, we can say the general expectations will be horizontal. The resistance levels will follow the  1.0670 - 1.0700 level and support side will follow  1.0600 - 1.0570 level.

Resistance :  1.0670 - 1.0700
Support : 1.0600 - 1.0570

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