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Asian markets are pricing China industry production data nowadays. According to the data released today in China, industrial production increased by 6.3 % in February compared to the same period of the previous year. Thus, the data exceeded both the market expectation and the realization of the previous month.In the economic sense, recently released data have pushed concerns about the Chinese economy to the background. But; the meeting, planned by US President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping on April 6th and 7th, is important for both the global economy and political risks.

When we look at today's calendar, the finalized consumer inflation figures to be announced in Germany are expected to be in line with previous forecasts. When we come to the UK, the agenda is both a Brexit process and a possible Scottish referendum. According to sources UK Prime Minister will oppose the referendum on because of timing. The Brexit process is expected to officially start this month. Finally, there will be some important data which will be announced today. Also, the elections in the Netherlands will be so important for the European economy. 

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