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Consumer confidence rose in the USA for the month of March. According to the data released yesterday in the United States, consumer confidence index was 125.6 points in March. This number is well above the market expectation and the improvement seen in comparison with the previous turn is remarkable. The Dollar Index, which has been recovering due to the recent rise in Trump uncertainty, has been boosted by positive data released yesterday. 

On the other hand, there was another important development yesterday : the decreasing trend of Sterling. The main and clear reason of this is the Brexit process which will start today officially. The main risk is that the Scottish Parliament has been supporting the re-independence referendum. The Government of England had stated that such a referendum would not be approved and that the timing was wrong. When we look at today's calendar, we see that the disclosures of the members of the FED continue. Trump members remain cautious due to uncertainty. On the other hand, we can say that the expectation of interest increase 4 times for this year is getting weaker.

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