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Emerging market equities and currencies are losing value after Republican candidate Donald Trump's victory against Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.Mexican peso, by showing the most violent downfall of the last eight years declined to the lowest level in history while the Turkish Lira plunged to their lowest level of all time. However, South African Rand experienced the biggest value loss in one month. After Trump's victory, investors are turning to safe harbor commodities like gold while selling emerging market assets on the global forex market. We can easily observe American Dollar fell under the influence of Donald Trump's surprise success in the presidential election in the USA. Foreign exchange traders were pricing the possible victory of Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton. But, Trump won the elections. Clinton's win would be welcomed by the emerging markets because Trump said that he will take protective measures in foreign trade.The USD dropped 3,5% against the Japanese Yen, and it was the biggest daily loss at last 2 years. The USD fell 1.8% against the Swiss Franc and 2% against the Euro. As a general result of Trump's victory in presidential election of the USA, we can say emerging markets are losign a serious amount of value nowadays. But, the real effect may be seen at the end of this week all around the world.

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