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Global markets are pricing the latest developments with the beginning of today's session. Foreign trade deficit rose to 48.5 billion USD in January and has reached its highest level since March 2012, according to the US data. The recent appreciation of the US dollar's pressure on export orders may lead to continued upward trend in foreign trade deficit. In this period, imports increased by 2.3 % in the USA side.

When we look at the Japanese economy, the finalized Gross Domestic Product data for the last quarter of 2016 was released. According to the report, the country's economy grew by 0.3 % in the same period. When we look at the details of the report, we see that personal consumption expenditures have not changed in the last quarter. The factor that contributed to the improvement in the forecasts was about 2 % increasemen in the investment figures.

If we look at today's agenda in the world economy, we will see that ADP private sector employment change is very important for the USA. Stocks data to be announced today after the weekly crude oil inventory figure, which was unveiled yesterday in the US and unexpectedly rising, will also be on the forefront for oil investors.

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