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Industrial production declined in Japan according to the precursor data. Industrial production in Japan decreased by 0.8 % in January. We can say this data stayed under the expectations which reached more than 1 % in the Japanese market. However, retail sales data announced today, also showed that the industry expanded by 1.0 % on a yearly basis. Recent economic indicators showed improvement in Japan. At this point, the value change in the Japanese Yen is very important. With the Japanese Yen, which recently gained value against the US dollar, there may have been a decline in export orders. Such a situation will affect not only the industrial production but also the growth rate in a negative way.

Today, the global markets will follow France last quarter growth figures in the European side. In this period, the country's economy is expected to grow by 0.4 % on a quarterly basis. In addition to being the second largest economy in the Euro zone, the performance of the French economy before the upcoming election is important for the Euro.

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