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Crude oil futures on the New York Commercial Exchange traded 50,33 USD for per barrel for the month of November with %0,22 fell. 49,98 USD for per barrel was the lowest level for the session. The support level is 47,78 USD level while the resistance level is determined as 50,75 USD. The US Dollar index against six other major currencies when we look into the performance; increased %0,38 and traded on 97,03 USD level on the market. On the other hand,  Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko said they have completed oil and natural gas talks with Russia, and discussed oil supply with Iran. Lukashenko said “We are faced with the problem of oil supply to refineries which will cause critical damage. Belarus as of today, we are losing net however, if we have to compensate, we have to do it by pumping oil in Russia. If things continue this way we will take additional measures.”

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