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The global gold market has started to show a strong positive performance on the market with the beginning of 2017. According to the many different financial experts, 2017 may be an opportunity for traders who wants to get higher profits from the global forex market. Gram gold has risen nearly 5 % in the last week, making it the most profitable investment tool this week. In 20th January, after starting Donald Trump’s presidency process in the USA, there could be some expansionary fiscal policies on the American market and it may cause a serious amount of inflation risk. This, in turn, intensified the gold prices intensively towards the end of the year, as the expectations that the FED would be more hawkish after first raising bond interest rates in the US. With the help of the well-publicized US data, the dollar could be expected to strengthen further globally with the impact of the low liquidity environment together with the FED, which aims to increase interest rates by three times per year.

For many different markets of the world under today’s world conditions, the gold market is accepted as a safe port. Generally, the relationship between Dollar and gold is reverse, so the gold market is a kind of value saving tool for the traders on the global forex market. The latest financial data from the American market is providing a positive signal for the gram gold market. Obviously, the complete profit of gold market was about more than 32% during the 2016 for the gold traders. Determining its movements in Dollar currency based on ounce gold prices, gram gold is the leading investment instrument to become the winner of 2017.

Finally, we could have observed a horizontal and negative trend on ounce gold market for the first half of 2016. But, with the some positive developments for the gold market, the ounce market showed a good performance during the second half of the last year. However, we also see that the price of an ounce of gold has reached the level of 1050 USD. The most important reason for this movement is the physical expense of gold along with the perception that the price is very low.

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