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The “Contract for difference” concept has been losing its popularity at the last years all over the world under today’s globalizing market conditions. The expectations are performed over the price of trading in the Forex market is called there are certain products as CFD term. The explosion of technology in the 90s and developed to the start of the development of the forex market linked to underlying assets such as CFD stocks, indices, commodities, bonds and pair bonds. These assets have to be physically out of the question; however, with the purchase of the expectations is done. In the future, which is expected to have over the price of the product opens a position, and this position the price of the future contract's main subject matter. The introduction of the leverage effect, which was also influential in the development of CFD, is another factor.

What are the advantages of CFD?

  • Through a single platform, without the need to purchase any real precious metals, commodities, indices, allows you to invest in.
  • The lack of physical trading that many investors and saves you from legal liabilities.
  • One of the most important advantages of the swap-free transaction; that is, the daily transportation cost-free process.
  • Bear and bull markets while preserving the opportunity to evaluate provides the opportunity.
  • The charts of the markets allow you to review and compare them with each other.

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